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AIDA writing persuasive content.

The principles of AIDA relate to creating persuasive copy that first grabs the readers Attention, inspires Interest and Desire before having a call to Action for the user.
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Writing Content for Websites

Search engine optimisation that works involves a multitude of things: linking to other web pages both internal and external, producing quality content, undertaking competitive market research, creating user friendly navigation, and effective usabilit
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Wiki's...What are They?

A Wiki. What is it? If you have heard of web 2.0 then you are looking at an internet that allows everyday users to edit content and take control of the web, our web, from web designers and developers. A
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Website Marketing Yorkshire

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click campaigns allow you to recieve instant and quality traffic to your website for a keyword relevant to your product or service. You can present your product or services to millions of interested potential clients within minutes.

Well designed Pay Per Click Campaigns can drive thousands of potential, pre-qualified clients to your website within minutes.

The power of Pay Per Click is unrivalled. Never before has there been a medium that allows a seller to display their adverts to interested clients and only pay for that lead when the user has actively shown an interest and clicked through to that website.

Pay Per Click Management

A successful pay per click campaign can offer unbelievable returns in a very short period of time and can help raise brand awareness faster than any other meduim. However, where there is money to be made there is competition. For a pay per click campaign to be successful requires time and expertise. Bid wars can get very competitive and can get quickly out of hand. We are experienced in raising your profile while keeping your costs down.

User Tracking

We aim to provide you with a sustainable Return On Investment by tracking how users are reacting to your pay per click adverts. We can track users as they enter your website from a particular advert and tell you whether they made a conversion and how much it cost you to sell your product. Therefore, you can see what your clients are buying, how much it's costing you and where to focus your marketing more effectively.

If you are interested in the power of Pay Per Click campaigns then call us on 01484 53 11 22 today.

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