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AIDA writing persuasive content.

The principles of AIDA relate to creating persuasive copy that first grabs the readers Attention, inspires Interest and Desire before having a call to Action for the user.
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Writing Content for Websites

Search engine optimisation that works involves a multitude of things: linking to other web pages both internal and external, producing quality content, undertaking competitive market research, creating user friendly navigation, and effective usabilit
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Wiki's...What are They?

A Wiki. What is it? If you have heard of web 2.0 then you are looking at an internet that allows everyday users to edit content and take control of the web, our web, from web designers and developers. A
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Search Engine Optmisation and Internet Marketing

Two Trees Design specialise in online marketing including web site design, search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns.

We help create intelligent web sites that provide much more than an online presence. We design and market websites that support your business model and help you achieve a sustainable return on investment.

We aim to create and support web sites that provide a sustainable return on investment. We achieve this through experience and knowledge of search engines and quality web design.

Through advanced knowledge of how users interact with websites and search engine marketing, we can help you achieve an online presence that will raise brand awareness and generate sales.

Marketing Power

Website design has advanced over the past few years from simply having an online presence into a marketeers dream. Never before have we seen a medium that can target a number of pre-qualified business leads with such a fast marketing feedback loop. If you have the knowledge of how to utilise these new technologies then you can leap beyond your competitors.

Intelligent Websites

We use tried and tested techniques and processes that help attract pre-qualified users to your website with the primary objective of making a conversion be it a sale or to enquire about a particular service.

By using the latest technology available we can track users and see how they interact with your website, which pages are being accessed and where your sales are coming from.

If you are serious about making an online impact with your website then call us on 01484 53 11 22 today.

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